Natural Breasts Enlargement Tips

The world has not been supportive to women who have small breasts. In fact, it has been cruel. On social media, many people define a ‘beautiful woman’ and large breasts is of major importance. This has led to many women trying anything to enlarge their breasts, including being stung by a bee on their nipples. Shocked? Well you haven’t heard the end of it, some have gone through implants surgery that have led to their death. If you don’t believe this all you need is to perform a search on YouTube and see the numerous results.

What many women don’t know is that there are natural ways of enlarging your breast without hurting yourself to the point of death. Here are some tips to help turn you into a Chesty LaRue.

Self Breast Massage

Yes, I told you, you don’t need to hurt yourself. In fact, all you have to do is massage your breasts for 30 minutes a day and it will enlarge them by a cup size in a month! All you do is rub your hands together to create heat then massage your breasts; press inward as you massage clockwise for your right breast and counter-clockwise for your left. This is also something your partner can help with to make it more interesting!


You need to exercise, and for women it’s important to keep the muscles supporting the breasts well-toned. Some of the exercises are swinging your arms, and the wall press. Even house chores can help to exercise the muscles such as sweeping, taking out trach, gardening, etc. Keeping those muscles toned will help down the road when you become older and gravity starts taking hold.

Healthy food

This includes amino acids as well as vitamins and minerals. We know amino acid repairs worn out tissues, but it also helps in the growth and production of hormones that in turn help in breast enlargement. Vitamins also help in the breast enlargement, especially vitamin A, B, and E.

Breast enhancement clothes

We know there are different types of clothes and bras those that enhance and those that flattens our breasts. It is good to look for clothes and bras that give an illusion of large breast.

With these tips you don’t need a surgical plan to enhance your breast. Before making that appointment for invasive surgery, try the tips above and see for yourself the amazing results.

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